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Wear OS will need a lot more than Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 to succeed.

It’s something the Apple VR headset looks set to merit, with its upcoming entry into the VR arena rumored to weigh only 150g. None of those watches run Wear OS. (Technically, the Xiaomi Mi watch does, but it’s so heavily modified you may as well call it something else). The World Design Guide offers a glimpse into what we could expect from the Vive Air.

Join us tomorrow for a look at what’s new on Wear OS. 17, 2021. The time has come for #GoogleIO. Fossil and its sub-brands — which include Skagen, Diesel, and Kate Spade — have dozens of smart-looking Wear OS smartwatches, but have barely made a dent.

Only time will tell of HTC delivers something special. In most cases, you’re giving up an app ecosystem, but what you’re not giving up are things such as GPS, notifications, heart rate monitoring, blood oxygen sensors and other features you might expect on much more expensive devices — some of which aren’t even available for Wear OS. Mastering this market would be a huge win for HTC if it’s able to pull it off. The weight of a VR headset is an important part of users’ overall comfort in wearing the devices for prolonged periods of time.

As a result, there’s been little innovation with Wear OS smartwatches. “Google needs its wearables platform to be competitive to make the Android ecosystem better,” said Avi Greengart of Techsponential. “To do so will require major investments, not just adding Google Assistant to Fitbit, tweaking WearOS, and hoping one of Fossil’s designs sparks a fashion trend.” But that’s one small step for a platform that hasn’t shown any meaningful change in a long time. At Google I/O, in fact, there’s a session called “Create your first Tile in Wear” on the agenda. Though cheap Apple Watch knockoffs are still plentiful, good design is being democratized, and larger companies such as OnePlus, Huawei, and even Wyze are developing inexpensive smartwatches. According to the website, the headset will feature a “quick-release design,” allowing the soft materials to unfasten and be bundled into the wash. : What to expect Here are the best smartwatches Plus : Wear OS looks confirmed for Galaxy Watch 4, but killer feature is out. Cheaper smartwatches with their pseudo-smartwatch operating systems — which promise longer battery life and good-enough performance for the price — are looking a lot better, too.

The new headset, called Vive Air, will aim to bring fitness into the VR space while ensuring the headset doesn’t get gummed up with sweat. One possible sign of improvement is that Google recently allowed third-party developers to create Tiles for its watches. In 2020, the top smartwatch makers Ear Wax Removal were, Apple, Xiaomi, Huawei, Samsung, and Fitbit, which combined made up about 75 percent of the market. And there doesn’t appear to be any need to worry about the headset’s weight during a long workout, as the "innovative lightweight structure" promises to keep it a feathery presence on your head.

And, because these watches aren’t encumbered by WearOS, they typically will last longer on a charge. Wear OS: Design is not enough. : Latest stock updates and where to buy : What to expect from Apple’s AR-powered specs Plus: Apple Spring Loaded event preview. The HTC Vive has already demonstrated the company’s talent for virtual reality — at the time delivering an unrivaled VR experience, and still sitting among our best VR headset picks. It was a similar story at Best Buy , where the first Wear OS smartwatch appears even lower on the best-sellers list. A fitness-focused headset is a different sort of VR experience, tapping into a range of fitness-minded consumers who want quick-hit workouts from wherever they may be located.

Features such as blood oxygen monitoring and an ECG, which can be found on most of the best smartwatches, are only present in the TicWatch Pro 3, the first — and to date — only WearOS watch running the Qualcomm Snapdragon 4100 processor, which was introduced a year ago. HTC Vive Air VR headset revealed in new leaks, with a focus on fitness. The Vive Air takes cues from sports shoes too. For this, the Vive Air will use “breathable and quick-drying fabrics,” hoping to provide that much-needed ventilation during the sweltering depths of VR cardio. The day before Google I/O, the company teased “a brand new Wear version,” but little else.

Leaked images of a sport-focused virtual reality headset from HTC have surfaced online. Wear OS will need a lot more than Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 to succeed. Two of the biggest rumors swirling around this week’s Google I/O developers conference is that Google could announce the Pixel Watch, and that the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 will ditch Tizen for Google’s Wear OS.

Wear OS: Google’s not-so-benign neglect. First, it needs to handle the sweaty grind of a heavy workout. Details of the headset were first leaked by the World Design Guide Awards, which was later picked up by Engadget.

It’s no secret that I’m not the biggest fan of Wear OS, Google’s smartwatch operating system. There’s no official word on the Vive Air’s exact launch date, but there could be an unveiling of the headset at HTC’s upcoming ViveCon 2021 on May 11 and 12, according to The Verge. But, it’s going to take a lot more than fancy hardware to convince people to pick up a Google-powered smartwatch. Google aspired for Wear OS to become a common operating system it could license to dozens, if not hundreds of smartwatch makers, like it does with Android. And it looks like a lot of other people aren’t either.

Leaked images show several knitted headset components, each sporting a mesh-like fabric more commonly associated with endurance footwear. And, for a smartwatch that’s less than $100 in many cases, the ability to load apps doesn’t matter as much as simply letting you know who’s calling and getting more than a day’s worth of battery life. And the wireless headset aims to bring the fight to Facebook’s Oculus Quest 2. However, where Android has benefitted from regular updates and new features, Wear OS updates have come in trickles.

This is exceedingly useful considering the woeful state post-workout gear often finds itself in. These cheap smartwatches don’t seem so cheap anymore. A Wear OS watch that simply looks awesome isn’t going to cut it, either.

Of the best-selling smartwatches on Amazon , none of the top 20 used Wear OS: It was either Apple, Fitbit, Samsung, or a no-name brand with a no-name OS.

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